Employment Readiness Program


The Program

Women who have experienced episodes of homelessness or live in poverty are given the opportunity to gain transferable employment and life skills. The program provides a supportive environment where women can build the skills required to secure employment. They work in the boutique on a part-time basis for up-to-a-year, and are then supported in finding and securing employment in the community where they are able to become more economically self-sustaining.


Women will have the opportunity to:

• Improve their financial situation 

• Increase their self-confidence, and self-esteem

• Gain transferable employment and life skills

• Learn to work independently and as a team

• Dress professionally

• Have a better quality of life 

Barriers may include: 

• Limited or no previous work history

• Lack of formal education

• Fear or insecurity about their ability to succeed in a work environment

• Anxiety related to past trauma and/or violence

• Addiction and mental health struggles

• Limited support networks

• Physical and/or developmental disability

• Difficulty managing stress or emotions that arise on the job 

• Social anxiety or a fear of being excluded


How the Program Helps Women

  • Builds self-confidence and self esteem.
  • Gives women the opportunity to learn transferable employment skills to build their resume.
  • Women are connected with St. Lawrence College Employment Services to learn interviewing skills, resume building, how to apply to a job, computer skills and many more opportunities.
  • Women are supported through their whole experience. 
  • After they find and secure employment they are still supported and followed to ensure their success.